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Imagine a sumptuous meal; there are lots of ingredients and several steps in the process needed to create a culinary delight.

Same with music. Writing a song is the first and arguably the most important step. But there are many different tasks to conquer before you can listen to the finished record. You will need some kind of arrangement, you will have to record vocals and possibly some instruments. Once the foundation is there, it has to be refined, seasoned to taste and garnished through editing, mixing and mastering processes.

If all of this sounds a little overwhelming, fear not! We have the resources to support you all the way and make your music shine as much as you can envision … and more.


Do you know the expression “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”? It is almost as though Greek philosopher Aristotle knew the secret of the perfect mix.

Every musician knows the situation: You have recorded all your instruments and vocals at home or in a recording studio, but the song does not really sound the way you are hearing it in your head.

If this sounds familiar, you have come to the right place. As mixing engineer, my goal is to help realise your vision of the song. You will receive a professional, well-balanced mix that sounds open and natural, preserves the all-important dynamics of your recording and brings out the absolute best in your music.


Mastering is more than the proverbial icing on the cake. It is the final step before your music is released into the wild, the last stage to make sure it sounds exactly as you intended, on a variety of sound systems.

And if you release an EP or an album, the songs should certainly form a convincing whole, and sound as if they were cast from one mould.

This is as much a creative process as it is a technical one, if not more so. Our mastering engineer will carefully balance levels and the overall sound of your songs against each other. And while preserving a healthy dose of details and dynamics in the production, he will make sure your music will have the impact on your fans that it deserves.


Album Artwork "Ohne Grund" by namenlos

Vocal Recording, Mixing: Ohne Grund (namenlos)

Album Artwork "Spiegelbild" by Manuela Wega

Music Production, Recording, Mixing: Spiegelbild (Manuela Wega)

Artwork "Leichtigkeit des Seins" by Konny Liv

Music Production, Mixing: Leichtigkeit des Seins (Konny Liv)

Album Artwork "Mittendrin auch mal allein" by namenlos

Vocal Recording, Mixing: Mittendrin auch mal allein (namenlos)

Album Artwork "Laut die Nacht" by Konny Liv

Music Production, Mixing: Laut die Nacht (Konny Liv)

Album Artwork "Wie ein offenes Buch" by Manuela Wega

Music Production, Recording, Mixing: Wie ein offenes Buch (Manuela Wega)


Matthias Kahlmann


Music is Matthias Kahlmann’s great passion. He knows that music is brought to life through togetherness and juxtaposition, not through isolation.

In the mid-80s, the then amateur musician was able to mix vocals, keyboards, guitars and drums together for the first time – with the help of a four-track tape recorder. A piece of simple technology, but no less revolutionary. It laid the foundation for Kahlmann’s endeavour to process music and preserve it in sonic perfection.

Over the years, the graduate electrical engineer gained practical experience both in the recording studio and at live events; he also acquired extensive knowledge in the field of computer-centred music production.

His path has led Matthias Kahlmann to his own studio, his experience has brought him closer to his goal: to deliver the highest quality; and bring music to life.


Beautiful mixes, a wide dynamic range, and a well-balanced frequency spectrum – a pleasure to listen to!

Ludwig Maier, GKG Mastering

Ludwig Maier

GKG Mastering

I’m absolutely thrilled by the song and our collaboration! In bringing my wishes to life, you have incorporated all of your love for music. Top notch!

Manuela Wega

Manuela Wega

The collaboration was perfect! The communication was fast, all deadlines were met, and the mix is just great!

Philipp Trojer

Philipp Trojer

We perceived the same images and feelings that the song wanted to express and breathed soul into it together. Feel like I’m in seventh heaven, full of gratitude that we created this song together.

Konny Liv

Konny Liv

Thank you, Matthias! Working with you was awesome, and I’m already looking forward to our next song!!!

Aileen Rubin

Aileen Rubin

(Photo: Grischa Schmitz)

This is a beautiful song, fantastically produced, and the mix is sublime, too; respect to everyone involved!

Ludwig Maier, GKG Mastering

Ludwig Maier

GKG Mastering

The collaboration was great! What I liked most was that you worked on the mix until I was 100% satisfied.

DUB 701

DUB 701

With his competence and serenity, Matthias created an extremely pleasant atmosphere for me to play and work at my best. He always managed to have technology in the right place at the right time and never ran out of patience.

Klaus Holsten, Flutist

Klaus Holsten, Flutist

Gosh, Matthias … I can’t tell you how great your work is. I am blown away. I am totally in love with this piece.

Mantra Garden Logo

Mantra Garden

Prior to recording with you I was not aware that I had a nice singing voice. While listening I realized you really hit the mark with all four songs, that is, you complemented the actual message of the songs perfectly with your music!

Album Artwork "Ich bin hier" by Usch


Not only did we feel very comfortable, but the result, despite quite challenging requirements, turned out just great.

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Great communication, very responsive to individual requests, and a technically perfect mastering.

Electronic Frequency

Chistian Kossat

Electronic Frequency


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